Andrea EuDaly

 Andrea attended the Kansas City College of Medical Assistants in 1977. Upon finishing the certificate program, she worked for eight years in a clinic that included Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Ob/Gyn, and work in the lab.

In 1986, she left the clinic to home-school her children. The next 23 years would be dedicated to her growing family's education. This time was priceless yet full of sacrifice. Raising 5 children on a self-employed musician's income in Missouri was challenging. After several years they could no longer afford health insurance. So Andrea and the kids included health and nutrition in their studies. They studied Nutrition, Medicinial Herbs, Enzyme Nutrition, Reflexology, Bioset/Allergy Therapy, Energy Medicine, Applied Kineseology, and TKM®.


In August 2007, Andrea's sons took a Level 1 & 2 TKM® class in order to fulfill their science credit for the year. If they promised to put their new found knowledge into practice in a weekly science lab they could earn another science credit. This turned out to be life-changing for the family. They experienced benefit after benefit from doing TKM® on each other as well as the self-help applications. They were healthier, less prone to injuries, could stop a hemorhage, heal bone fractures in half the time, knock out the common cold, and played soccer on a competitive level without sustaining injuries. It was amazing. Evan, the middle son, was in his element when it came to understanding and applying TKM®. He continues his TKM® education; in 2011 he interned at the King Institute for 3 months. From April 2013 to April 2014 he was employed at the King Institute where he studied under and worked with Dr. King.


  • TKM® Wonderfully Made with Dr. Glenn King, PhD,           C.D.N.,C.N. and Dr. Jim Robertson, BS, MS, ND, PhD.

  • Cancer/Diet/Nutrition/Purification/Immune and Body Biography with Dr. Glenn King, PhD, C.D.N.,C.N.

  • Special TKM® Body and Face Biography with Pulse Training with Dr. Glenn King, PhD,C.D.N.,C.N.

  • Advanced TKM® Study with Dr. Glenn King, PhD, C.D.N.,C.N

  • CAPPA Childbirth Educator and Labor Doula

  • Controversies in Breastfeeding with Jack Newman, MD, FRCPC.

  • Vaccine Problems and Legal Solutions with Alan G. Phillips, J.D., Attorney and Counselor at Law.

  • Emotional Release with Essential Oils with the Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education.

Evan EuDaly

Growing up, Evan loved to play soccer, beginning with little league games at the YMCA all the way through his senior year of high school with the Kansas City Lions. That year Evan and his team went 32-0 and won the league national championship.

Evan was home-schooled by his mother, Andrea, and during the last year of school she offerred Evan and his brothers a science credit to take the TKM® Level 1 and 2 Class from Dr. Glenn King, PhD. Evan enjoyed the class immensely and took to this physics-based therapy very quickly. 


Consistently applying the TKM® Self-Help that year, Evan noticed a dramatic improvement in his stamina as a soccer player, which encouraged him to use this therapy on his friends and family, as well as himself.


Since his senior year (2008), he has taken every opportunity to continue the study of TKM®, accumulating over six hundred hours of TKM® class experience as well as a 3-month internship at the King Institute in the Fall of 2011.


Since 2009, Evan has applied TKM® on many clients and both he and Andrea have had extraordinary success. Evan graduated from Longview Metropolitan Community College with an Associates degree in the Spring of 2011 and plans to continue his education in the fields of physiology and human nutrition to supplement his TKM® practice.

In the Spring of 2013, Evan and his wife, Moree, moved to the Dallas area where Evan was employed at the King Institute working directly for and with Dr. King. He performed 833 TKM® sessions at the Institute as well as various house calls. He estimates about 900 sessions during the year spent in Dallas.


In April of 2014 Evan returned to Kansas City and continues his TKM® practice at In Touch, LLC.

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