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Jay EuDaly - Professional Musician

My symptoms were acute headaches with exertion - singing, coughing, picking up something heavy etc. It started out very sporadically but within about 3 years became progressively worse. It finally got way past the point of deniability. I actually turned down gigs, or lost them because the physical stress was going to be too much to deal with. I had not been pain-free onstage in a long time. When my ability to work is hindered it is extremely frustrating and scary to me. I tried all kinds of stuff - drugs, structural stuff - chiropractic, traction on my neck and head; massage therapy, acupuncture, etc. Nothing helped. I went through a gamut of tests (X-rays, CT scans, MRIs etc) – all were negative.


My wife had been experimenting with TKM® sequences. She had taken a self-help class from one of Dr King’s protégés. When I agreed to play a wedding in Dallas, she took it upon herself to call Dr King and make me an appointment.


So the two of us drove down to Dallas and spent an hour or so with Dr King. He said the problem was scar tissue on the top of my head about an inch in back of my hairline (a 30-year old head injury). He gave me some self-help sequences to do as well as some stuff my wife could do that I couldn’t do on myself. He also told us to go to Radio Shack and buy a laser pointer and laser the scar twice a day.


After returning home I began a daily regimen that required a minimum of an hour and twenty minutes a day to complete. I was very faithful in this. I missed 3 days out of 9 months. There were some days where I would spend up to two hours or more doing TKM® on myself. At first I couldn’t feel anything and did it by rote – 5 minutes per hold. As I persevered in my daily “TKM®-ing” I became more and more sensitized to the “pulses” and also to the sensation of the energy traveling through my body along various pathways. My wife returned to Dallas shortly after our return and took the Level 1&2 class. This gave her the ability to step up the work she was doing on me. Many times as my wife was working on me I would tell her where I was feeling the energy moving. We would check the diagrams of the energy pathways in the TKM® book and I was almost always accurate about what I perceived. This was very encouraging and affirming. I was able to verify for myself the objectivity (read: scientific) of the information that Dr King has produced.


I began to realize that the energy flow was hanging up at my teeth – specifically, R31, which was a 30+ year-old root canal. Over the course of several months, I had all the amalgam fillings in my teeth removed and replaced with composite fillings. I also had the root canal at R31 surgically removed.


Within a couple of months of getting all the metal taken out of my teeth (metal inhibits electromagnetic energy flow) my headaches were gone and have not returned.


I no longer spend an hour and twenty minutes a day doing sequences. Some days I don’t do any, but I have tried to learn things I can do (simple sequences, finger holds, etc) that I can do unobtrusively while I’m sitting down – teaching, on break in a club, and so on. I almost always fall asleep at night doing one hold or another. TKM® has become one of the primary things I do to maintain health and well being, as well as the first thing I turn to in a crisis or when getting sick. It’s some amazing stuff!

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