Doula/TKM® Packages

Basic Doula Package - $550


  • 3 appointments- 2 prenatal and 1 postpartum.

  • I will help you make a birth plan. My passion is education so that you can be relaxed and informed.

  • Includes the birth, of course.


Doula Package - $650


  • 6 appointments - 5 prenatal and 1 postpartum (or however it works out).

  • Each appointment includes a TKM® session (approx. an hour long)

  • Includes the birth, of course.

  • I will set mother up with appropriate self help TKM® for her to do throughout her pregnancy. 

  • The prenatal sessions will be at my home office. The postpartum session will be in mother’s home for mother and baby.

The 10 Session Package - $850


  • These sessions will take place in my home office.

  • I will do one post-partum session at the mother’s home for both mother and baby.

  • Includes the birth, of course.

Childbirth Education

I also offer a 5 week childbirth education course.

This course costs $150. See CAPPA Childbirth Education class synopsis.

Mommy References:

Maria Scott 816-518-5600

Tiffany Sheafer 816-835-5363

Tara Spurgin 816-914-7328

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