EMT Class has Immediate Relevance

Andrea and Evan,

We really, really enjoyed the EMT class today!  We are so thankful that we were able to join in. On the way home I told my son that if the Lord wants us to be using this technique, He would give us opportunities to put it into practice and see results.

We enjoyed sharing our new knowledge with the rest of the family tonight and even had the chance to put some of it to practice when my husband accidentally tripped over and fell on my two year old who was sitting at the foot of his daddy's chair. My little one was crying so hard, he could hardly catch his breath. I couldn't tell if he was actually hurt or just scared.

First my husband picked him up to hold him and naturally placed his right hand on top of his head and his left hand across his bottom. This brought to mind your comment that people naturally use the technique without even knowing it. That hug helped a bit and then my son instructed his sister to palm his younger brother's calves and we applied peace and calming essential oil. That helped some more, but he still needed his mommy. When he came to sit on my lap I intuitively put my hands on his back and chest and he settled himself into this position, adjusting himself so my hands were in just the right spot...but I couldn't remember the purpose of this position! I was so tickled to later discover this hold was for emotional trauma. That took care of his last few tears and then he squirmed away from my hands and his sister's (she was still
palming his calves), saying it tickled. As we were sitting there, I did the S&S...just in case he was hurt somewhere inside.

A few months ago, my husband asked if I could take care of our family's health, rather than always running to the doctor. I feel like TKM® is a step in that direction!

Thank you for sharing this technique with us.



Oct 20, 2012

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