EMT in the ICU

Robin and Rob Moore

My husband, Rob is struggling with many multiple disabilities himself and is confined to a motorized cart. He was overwhelmed with the amount of information disseminated during the Level 1&2 training session, although during the first day of learning the Emergency (EMT Class) TKM® procedures, he grasped enough to go home and teach it to our 4 teenagers. Subsequently, during the training he was able to have several sessions with Alphonzo in the following days, which helped to understand the TKM methods from a patient view, however, it didn't seem that he was able to absorb as much from the administering side of TKM. We prayed about attending the 3&4 training session but instead got a call from AZ that Rob's dad was being rushed to the hospital for a critical situation. Rob was on the next airplane to be at his 73-year-old father's bedside.


After an initial evaluation, it was revealed his father had a stomach perforation that was leaking toxic bile fluids into his body cavity, thus shutting down the kidney's ability to process the waste matter. Rob could only remember a little from memory from the TKM® training. He decided "Stop & Seal" was the best thing even though he wasn't sure it would work on a hole in an organ. Because of his father's myriad of health problems (heart, kidney, diabetes, etc...) the doctors feared that any intervention would cause more damage than good so they adopted a "wait and watch" approach. This afforded Rob and his mother to do "Stop & Seal" in the ICU without any medical interference. They also palmed his calves for good measure. Sure enough, when the scope was sent back down the esophagus to the stomach, the perforation had completely healed over. Two more perforations in the small intestine that were not previously noted also appeared to be sealed over. The doctors were more than impressed. They had been previously convinced that Rob's dad condition was at such a dire level that he would succumb to sepsis and not make it through the night, much less see this level of healing. While Rob felt the amount of TKM® knowledge he was able to retain was miniscule, even the smallest amount of TKM® knowledge is better than what the doctors had to offer in this case. Thank you, Dr. King for your willingness to share your knowledge here in Frisco. As a couple we are working diligently to go over our training materials and practice what we learned. We hope to have another opportunity to come to a 3&4 class in the future. We truly believe TKM® saved another life.

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