Hiccups and Choking

Andrea and Evan,


We are having so much fun putting TKM® to use!

My 11 year old cured his hiccups last night and was so excited! This was the thing my boys were most interested in when they first heard about the class, so it was fun to see it work.

I had the opportunity to try the choking position on my four year old who got a bite of a raw carrot stuck. It worked so fast that the others at the table didn't believe he was actually choking, but I saw the look in his eyes as he was grabbing for his throat. The episode was resolved within seconds.

My two year old continues to use what he has learned. He loves to put his hands on anyone who is injured. He saw a scab on his big sister's leg yesterday and applied the S&S. So sweet! She was amazed that he knew which hand to put down first! I have found that it is a good opportunity to teach the little ones their right and left hands so they can cross them over in an appropriate way.

I have been doing the median sequence most evenings and some mornings and I can report that I am sleeping better and feel more at peace, less anxious, than I ever remember feeling before. I have also made some practical changes, like removing the cell phone from the bedroom and sleeping in 100% cotton, that I'm sure are contributing to this success.

Thank you for teaching us about God's amazing bioelectromatic system. The human body is an awe-inspiring work of creation!

Many blessings,


October 26, 2012

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