Labor and Delivery

Sheri Hester

I did not have TKM® during my labor and delivery with my firstborn. I had pre-eclampsia (labor induced high blood pressure). I also bled very heavily to the point that a blood transfusion was discussed. I had a miserable recovery. I didn’t have a bowel movement for 7 to 8 days after giving birth. I was very uncomfortable and emotionally a mess.


TKM® has helped me emotionally as well as physically. So I really wanted to have TKM® during the labor and delivery of my second child. My mental state during labor and afterwards was amazingly better than after the first time. Also, I hardly bled at all. No high blood pressure problems. No bowel issues. The healing afterwards was way better than the first time.


I believe the TKM® caused me to stay mentally focused on the outcome rather than the pain of labor and delivery. Instead of being fearful, I was able to envision what was happening in my body and work with it. I had a feeling of empowerment to get the job done. I was very aware that the constant set of hands on me helped my body to do what it was designed to do. Knowing that I was not alone brought great comfort. I know with the help of TKM® my labor and delivery went so much smoother. I wouldn’t want to do it again without it.

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