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Emergency Integrative Medical Techniques

This class is based on The King Institute Method® EMT manual and covers vital information on how bio-energy and our environment affect our health. Students learn emergency procedures shown to be highly effective in stopping heart attacks, anaphylactic shock, seizures, asthma attacks, choking, hemorrhaging, acute appendicitis and other common ailments like insect bites, hiccups and more.


Cost: $100


TKM® Self-Help



The Self-Help book includes the blueprint of the energy spheres loci that influence all the energy systems in the human body. The procedures in this class are simplified to mostly one step applications. The manual includes an index that provides appropriate (simplified) applications for many disorders.


Cost: $125


Wonderfully Made

Since the beginning of time women have shared their experiences about birth with other women. Viewed as a part of life, birth wisdom was passed from generation to generation by grandmothers, mothers, sisters, aunts and those who attended births. When birth moved to the hospital setting, much of this woman-to-woman education was lost. The advent of formal childbirth education classes in the 1960′s allowed women and their partners to have an academic-style introduction to the birth wisdom that was once shared organically.


Today, expectant parents need more than just academics. Today’s birthing woman needs a place where connecting with her baby, her partner and herself is honored and supported.  She needs access to an expert who can answer questions regarding information she’s already acquired. Perhaps most importantly, she needs support and encouragement to acknowledge the inner wisdom her body provides to birth her baby in the manner that is best for her.


CAPPA childbirth educators are equipped and trained to provide such a place of connection, support and encouragement – changing the world one baby, one mother, one family at a time.


For the cost of Doula Services and Childbirth Education Classes go to the Doula Services Page.



CAPPA Childbirth Education

A Guide to Helping Parents and Parents-to-be.

The class contains much valuable information concerning male and female fertility, pregnancy, birth, baby, and up through toddler age, addressing more than the common possible complications.

The book is in full color with many illustrations.

This class is for everyone who longs to have empowering knowledge and practical applications at your fingers tips to help your family stay healthy.


This is a two day class.

Cost: $250  (includes the book)

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